Blog: Our 2021 Line Up

We are excited to present our planned line-up of shootings and models for 2021, new and old faces:

We are having discussions with at least 9 models, 6 of them will be new faces to CATBOO. So what’s holding us back? COVID-19.

Since Germany is in the middle of its 2nd Lockdown, there is no real chance to fix any shooting dates. But we are positive and do the talks already so that we are quick with re-starting the shootings!

Besides the mentioned models we are also planning with the stunning Polina as well with our lovely Joy.

New outfits will be designed and made by our friends from Latexcrazy as well.

So we are set so far and can’t wait until we can start shooting again!

Until then: Stay safe and with us! More great updates will be released over the next couple of weeks!

Do you miss someone in our list? Let us know!

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