Clip: Joy as Latex Diver Pt.2/2 – 4k

Part 2 of one of our favorite Latex Clips, Joy as Black Latex Diver with Ocean Reef Diving Mask and Tank!

In Part 1 you saw Joy already dressed, wearing a Realize Long Sleeve Swimsuit and a Shiny Pantyhose underneath. She then gets into the Black Latex Princess Catsuit from Latexcrazy. First, adding a White Open Face Latex Hood before putting on her Blue Ocean Reef Diving Mask. Follow then our camera showing detailed close ups of Joy being fully enclosed up.

We added a microphone to her mask so you can hear her loud and clear breathing while wearing the mask. 

In Part 2 you will get an insight behind our photoshoot and following Joy during undressing Ocean Reef Full Face Mask, Latex Hood and Latex Catsuit.

Part 2 comes as a Full Clip, including Part 1 and 2.

Run Time: 14:33 Minutes

Clip: Joy as Latex Diver Pt.2/2 – 4k

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