Video: Tiwi as Latex Diver HD

Enjoy this 14:40 minute long HD shooting video of Tiwi as full enclosed Latex Diver! Tiwi is wearing a Black Latex Catsuit with attached feet and gloves, a Black Latex Corset and a Black Open Face Latex Swimcap. To breathe accordingly, she puts on an Ocean Reef Full Face Diving Mask, connected to her air tank. And of course she is wearing a pair of Black Rain Boots as well.

Watch Tiwi adjusting her Swimcap in the beginning of the clip, then, putting on the Diving Mask, posing during the shooting and in the end taking off the Diving Mask, Latex Corset and Rain Boots.

We have attached a mic to her mask so that you can hear her breathing the whole time wearing the Ocean Reef Diving Mask.

Duration: 14:30 Minutes
Quality: HD
File Size: 2,2 GB

Clip: Tiwi as Latex Diver HD

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