New Joy Latex Shooting

Clip: Joy Latex & Swim Cap One – 4k

We thought: Let’s spend a Bonus Clip for our Members! We try to shoot as many clips as possible in between the shootings to show you how the girls get dressed or have fun between the different sets. These clips are usually not that long to share them as a Big Update, but still there to be shared with you.

Watch Joy, dressed in her Black and Brown Latex Catsuit, Latex Socks and Latex Gloves, putting on a rare Black Arena Silicone Cap and White Speedo Goggles!

This is the first clip of her putting on a swim cap, there is a second part as well, Joy putting on a second cap…a Speedo one.

Enjoy the 2 min. clip in 4k!

Clip: Joy Latex & Swim Cap One
Wetsuit in black / Swim Cap in pink

Shiny: Joy Wetsuit Dressing Pt. 4/5

Besides our Latex Catsuits we also got Joy to dress one of our Wetsuits, in this case a Grey/Pink Nabajii Wetsuit, really small and tight. With this first Set you get to see her dressing the Wetsuit for the first time, wearing an Arena Classic Swimsuit underneath.

The set will continue with Joy being dressed in the Wetsuit, also wearing a Pink Swim Cap and Goggles. It will finish with her getting undressed. 

Again, this is a bonus set for our Members! Access this set as well via Patreon!

Set Size: 30

Shiny: Joy Wetsuit Dressing Pt. 4/5