Breathplay transparent Catsuit

Latex: Joy Latex Breathplay Catsuit Pt.1/2

What an incredible performance by our lovely Joy! To the question, if she would put on the suit and maybe might try out the attached Latex Breathplay Hood, she answered “Sure!” straight forward. Within minutes she put on the Catsuit (Video of that will follow in March!), we shot some pics without the Breathplay Hood and then she went for it. And surely she closed the zipper.

So enjoy our Joy completely covered from head to to in a one piece Latex Catsuit by Latexcrazy.

Set size: 55 Pics

Latex: Joy Latex Breathplay Catsuit Pt.1/2

Catboo: Latex Breathplay - Latex Mask

Set: NightPhoenix Latex Breathplay

We got the Latex Breathplay Hood from Latexcrazy some time ago, not really having a plan what model would put it on and/or try it out. But we knew that NightPhoenix is always up for masks so we give it a try – and she agreed to try it out!

So we shot a quick set with her, wearing a Brown Transparent Latex Catsuit with attached Black Gloves and a Latex Swimsuit underneath, Black High Heels and the mask and trying some “breathing techniques” with it. As a plus, she also puts on our favorite MSA Gasmask (which you can see laying behind her) after trying the Breathplay Hood as well.

Set size: 45 Pics

Download: NightPhoenix Latex Breathplay
Clip: Breathplay hooded latex mask

Clip: NightPhoenix Breathplay hood

Nightphoenix was the first model to try our breathplay hood! Sitting on the bed, wearing the smoke transparent catsuit and a latex swimsuit underneath, she tries for her very first time such a hood.

As a fan of hoods and gas masks she is used to shooting with less air but this hood she needed to try!

Watch Nightphoenix putting on the hood, getting used to it and giving us the thumb for saying “I am fine, we can shoot now”. In the end we see her taking it off again.

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