Latex: Sarah Latex Business Outfit

Latex: Sarah Latex Business Outfit

Why not wearing a great Latex Bluse to work? Combined with a Latex Top, a pair of Black Latex Leggings as well as a pair of shiny Black High Heels, it gives an awesome and professional business outfit – don’t you think?

Watch Sarah posing in her Latex Business Outfit, sending out some messages to her followers and making some calls. If the other person on the phone would have known what she was wearing…

Set size: 62 Pics

Latex: Sarah Latex Business Outfit
black latex wear - latex top / latex pants

Free Bonus: Sarah as Background

As Sarah received a couple of requests for Smartphone Backgrounds, we decided to cooperate on this level as well! Choose between her favorite Latex outfits, wearing a Latex Leggings, Latex Swimsuit, Latex Catsuit and a Latex Dress!

Enjoy an exclusive variety pick by Sarah of her favorite pics and download the complete set – for free and everyone!

Pics were not shot by us but edited with some twists and tweaks! Pics are formatted to 4:3 and 16:9!

Latex Catsuit Red

Blog: New Model Sarah

We love to discover new faces! Sarah popped up on Instagram and we were fascinated right away! Of course, as a starting amateur model there is a lot to learn compared to our pro models Darina, Polina, Dee, Katie…but there is a huge potential, that we can see already.

So we decided to send her two of our Latex Catsuits, one in red and one in pink. In return, she took a couple of pics for us and we’d like to share them with you today!

Once Covid-19 restrictions have been lowered, we will get her to Hamburg and shoot some sets in different outfits – we guess she is up for more Latex!