Giulia Rocking Black Latex Catsuit Model

Blog: What’s coming up?

Due to COVID-19 we were forced to stop shooting in 2020, managed to shoot only with a couple of models in between the German lockdowns. Still, we were able to offer new models and content to you, without lacking any update circle on our promised Latex Updates.

For 2021 we were quite optimistic to increase the amount of our shootings again; unfortunately, still due to COVID-19, this has not been possible in full. We are anyhow proud to have established Giulia as a new Latex model and were able to shoot some more Latex sets with Joy.

Last week we met Pixie for the first time who was planned to shoot with in 2020, finally we were able to manage shooting with her this year.

Now, what’s our schedule? End of this week (Aug 20) we will shoot once more with Giulia, this time we booked a great studio in Berlin, 6 hrs of shooting are ahead of us! Also planned for this year are Tiwi, Polina and Darina, probably another shooting with Dee as well.

We were able to increase our members and supporters this year which led to new investments on our side into Latex, Equipment, booking of models and studios. At this moment, we have invested 100% of the revenues in this great project!

We have sourced new Latex Catsuits, Dresses, Underwear, Swimwear, Masks, Hoods, Gloves, Stockings, Corsets…a lot to shoot with!

Therefore, thanks for staying with us, keep staying with us and be exited for what’s coming up! And, last but not least: We are always open for shooting ideas or personal clips and sets per request.

Stay safe!

Video: Dee Black Catsuit in Public

Blog: Dee Snowy Shooting

We called one of our favorite models Afrodee today and asked if she would be in for a spontaneous shooting on Saturday, taking advantage of the snowy atmosphere that came over our city today!

If connections work out and nothing will get in between, we will stream parts of our shooting live on our Instagram account CATBOO_net.

We are sure you that you follow us already, but do you follow our exclusive Live Account as well? To get you a live exclusive insight, we will be streaming behind the shooting sequences* on CATBOO_live. As a Member of this site, we grant you access to our locked profile! Send us a message via, name your IG account an we will let you in!

What will Dee be wearing? Well, besides the one or other surprise, she will be wearing a Black Latex Catsuit from Latexcrazy, Black High Heels and some add ons to the outfit that will vary. So come and join us!

Start Time: Between 14:00 and 15:00 CEST.

*Good reception required. No guarantees for that. Shooting will be taped and made available to our Members.