latex girl - catsuit in black

Video: Polina Latex Catsuit Preparation

How does Polina get prepared, shined up and undressed? You will find out in today’s Latex Catsuit video! Watch Polina getting her Black Latex Gloves on, her Black Latex Open Face Hood, getting all shined up and finally getting her Black Latex Catsuit off, just wearing Latex Panties underneath!

Run Time: 5:25 Minutes
Quality: Full HD

Clip: Polina Latex Preparation
latex gasmask

Clip: NightPhoenix Undressing her Latex Outfit

All dressed in Latex, wearing a Brown Transparent Latex Catsuit, a Black Latex Swimsuit underneath, a Black Latex Hood as well as a MSA Gasmask, NightPhoenix shows us how she undresses after the photoshoot.

She first takes off her Gasmask, follows with her Catsuit and High Heels and ends up standing in front of us, wearing the Black Latex Swimsuit. Overall, she spent almost an hour in that suit, shooting different add ons and positions. A dressing video will follow soon as well.

Run Time: 2:05 Min.
Quality: HD

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