Video: Joy Latex Walk & Undress – HD

Enjoy this brand new Latex Video of our cute Latex Model Joy, a real Easter Treat for our Members! Joy is wearing an 0.25mm Red Latex Catsuit and White Boots when she decides taking her outfit outdoors, wearing a white sweatshirt on top. Although it’s quite windy, she takes off her sweatshirt and walks back to the studio.

We have some Latex close ups for you of Joy laying down in her Latex Catsuit and White Boots. Then, surprisingly she decides to take off her White Boots and her Red Latex Catsuit in front of the camera (you won’t see her fully naked though). Taking off her Catsuit wasn’t scripted at all…she just felt like doing it.

Enjoy as much as we did shooting this video.

Run time: 6:27 Min.
Quality: HD

Video: Joy Latex Walk and Undress