latexsuit in black

Latex: Baby Bonita & Miss Playbunny Latex Tub

It was a warm day in Hamburg and the two girls were just hot and sweaty in her Latex Catsuits. So we decided to put them in the hotel’s bath tub and have a little bit fun.

Little Miss Playbunny wears a Red Princess Latex Catsuit and Long Black Latex Gloves whereas Baby Bonita wears all black in her Latex Princess Catsuit and Short Black Latex Gloves.

Catsuits and Gloves provided by Latexcrazy.

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Latex: Baby Bonita & Miss Playbunny Latex Tub
Latex Catsuit black in tube

Blog: Taking a Bath

The hotel we were shooting at with Little Miss Playbunny and Baby Bonita was great! So it had a shower and a bath tub – so we had the girls jump in after their last set. After getting dressed, shooting different positions and taking some clips they were sweating like crazy and needed some water to cool down.

Here are two preview pics of some more coming up soon! Enjoy!

Baby Bonita taking a bath to cool down 🙂

Little Miss Playbunny relaxing in her shiny Red Latex Catsuit