latexsuit / black Catsuit model

Latex: Tiwi Black Latex Catsuit – Pt.1/2

New month means a one brand new set! This time it’s Tiwi, wearing our favorite Latexcrazy Black Latex Princess Catsuit with attached Latex Gloves and Latex socks!

Tiwi in this Black Latex Catsuit gives us her favorite smile but some mind blowing looks and poses as well. This Latex Catsuit looks just stunning on her and proves once more: Tiwi is made for wearing Latex.

Set size: 66 Pics

Latex: Tiwi Black Latex Catsuit – Pt.1/2

black latex

Latex: Polina Pure Black Latex Pt.2/3

This is Part 2 of the first ever photo set we shot with Polina wearing Latex – and almost forgot about it! What a shame! Shooting with Polina doesn’t only mean having a high quality model with terrific skills in front of the camera but also shooting hundreds of pictures.

In this set as well, Polina just went on and on and on…until we had to stop her.

Polina is wearing a our favorite Latexcrazy Princess Latex Catsuit with attached gloves and socks, her shiny boots as well. All shined up.

Set Size: 70 Pictures

Latex: Polina Pure Black Latex Pt.2/3
latexsuit in black

Latex: Baby Bonita & Miss Playbunny Latex Tub

It was a warm day in Hamburg and the two girls were just hot and sweaty in her Latex Catsuits. So we decided to put them in the hotel’s bath tub and have a little bit fun.

Little Miss Playbunny wears a Red Princess Latex Catsuit and Long Black Latex Gloves whereas Baby Bonita wears all black in her Latex Princess Catsuit and Short Black Latex Gloves.

Catsuits and Gloves provided by Latexcrazy.

Pics: 57

Latex: Baby Bonita & Miss Playbunny Latex Tub
Polina Black Latex Body / Hydrasuit

Set: Polina Black Latex Swimsuit Pt. 1/3

Watch Polina in this set wearing our Black Latex Swimsuit, Hydrasuit style, combined with Black High Heels! We believe that there is no better way to presenting this suit like she does!

This is a multi part set, due to the huge amount of pics we got to shoot with Polina! Polina poses with a white chair, later she puts on Black Long Latex Gloves!

Set Size: 110 Pics

Download: Polina Black Latex Swimsuit